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Rainbow Trout
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My wife and I are going to Sanibel Island Florida again this year and I am going to try my hand at saltwater flyfishing. We will be there the last week of June and I will be trying for snook. I will be fishing from the beach. Even though we have been there several times in the past, this will be my first time fishing.
For my birthday, my wife bought me a 8 wt. outfit from Orvis that came preloaded with line and backing. The line is WF floating.
My question is what is the difference in saltwater WF and the regular WF that came loaded on the reel???

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With saltwater lines, most generally have thicker PVC coating so that when you use it in hot weather the line isn't as noodle-y allowing it to shoot better. 

If you pick up the all-rounder or some sort of multi-purpose saltwater line, it makes for a great summertime bass fly line. 

There are likely other differences, such as head length and taper to help punch through wind more efficiently, but thicker coating is generally the main difference. 

Hybrid Striped Bass
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^ good info. I didn't know that.
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If this is going to be your lone saltwater trip then I wouldn't worry about getting a saltwater specific line.  Just throw what ya got.  I would make sure to get a different fly box for your saltwater flies and wash all gear after you're done using it including your flies.  Salt can tear apart gear quickly so give everything a good washing after each day out.

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The snook fishing there is pretty fun, went to captiva island last year. I fished with a 5wt and caught lady fish and snook from the beach. Be sure to check out marinas at night and fish the dock lights for snook, reds, trout, and other stuff. There is a pretty awesome shop on Sanibel that should lead you in the right direction. My only suggestion would be a clear tip intermediate sink line so your line cuts through the waves at shore, especially on a windy day.
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