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Striped Bass
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What’s the next link in the chain after Grandview Sandbar for a full day float? McCreery seems a little short. Is Grandview to Thayer doable? If so, are their any rapids to worry about on that stretch?

Thanks again guys, you’ve been really helpful in my quest to learn these wild and wonderful rivers!!

At this point, maybe I can do the entire upper section before fall.. Probably a tough task in year one, but we all gotta dream..

My fishin' buddy! 

Brown Trout
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Skip the next little section.  do the McQuerry to Stonecliff trip.

Better fishing, and better scenery.

I have done Glade Creek to Stonecliff, and that makes a good overnight trip.


Rainbow Trout
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Yes, Grandview to Thayer is a doable day trip. 

None of the rapids in that section are bigger or more difficult than what you just went through between Glade and Grandview. 

"Anglers must believe they'll catch many giant lunkers each and every time on the water, or else they might not be prepared to catch even one little dinker." -EF Swagee

Rainbow Darter
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I've done Grandview to Stonecliff in a day but once the fishing died off and the temperature went up, I rowed us on through fairly quickly.  Rapids are easy with Silo towards the end, after Thayer pool being the only significant one but it's easy to maneuver.  It's more crowded than 64 bridge down to McCreery but still a lot of fun.

I'd like to go all the way down to Cunard but I cannot figure out the put in/take out there.  My raft stays inflated with a frame and I carry it on a trailer.  I don't see how I can make it down to the river.  There's that long dirt road that goes to the river with a sharp switch back (directly below the public parking lot) but I don't think I can make it with a trailer.  I'd have to go down there and watch somebody do it first.  
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