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Largemouth Bass
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I just saw this over the weekend, and was wondering if everyone else had seen this news?


There was a new state record chain pickerel caught in October in Preston County. The details are all listed in the news link.

Here’s another news link:


A few observations/comments. . . First, this was a record for length only, not weight. I actually really like how the WV DNR does keep separate records for both lengths and weights. Several states do weight only, and some fish will be both the longest and the heaviest. But I like the possibility of having separate records. It’s interesting to see when each record is caught, because depending on the species and time of year, the heaviest fish can just be completely full of eggs. Or the longest fish can be a snake because it’s in the middle of fasting or reduced metabolism in order to survive the water conditions like this years drought. These fish are just as impressive and worthy of recognition.

I have also seen other states (I think KY is one) that keeps records on all fish, including baitfish. I don’t think we could afford to send out DNR officers to confirm to state record red dace. However, I do think we could possibly increase interest and youth activity by including these new records but make them length only and certified through bump boards purchased through the state. Fish could be caught and released after a picture was taken. Of course this would still rely on angler honesty to verify they’re in WV, but nobody should be fighting over the state record madtom, should they?

Next, the angler, Matt Born, caught it on a spinner he made himself. He said he thinks fish become acclimated to store bought lures and making your own mixes it up enough to catch new fish like this. I can somewhat agree, I’ve heard wholly booger’s would absolutely slay trout when they first came out. And my grandpa and Uncles used to catch lots of trout all the time on Mepps spinners but hardly ever use those now. However if you make it to the water during the right conditions, then fish are feeding no matter what. And you can still catch really large fish if you fool them, using various lures or live bait.

Finally, what records do you think are the next to be broken? Which ones are the most secure?

The oldest records are both from the Little Kanawha River, Flathead catfish LL McClung, 52.0 inches long, 70.0 lbs, 1956, and Freshwater Drum, Bill Dawkins, 37.0 inches long, and 25.0 lbs, 1954. I think both of those records are pretty solid.

I think the state record striped bass will probably be the next one broken. I would love to see the smallmouth record broken.

I think the fallfish record seems like it should be broken, it’s from 1970! 21.25 inches, 3.5 lbs, No. Fork of the South Branch, James Blackwell. We’ve caught suckers close to and larger than that but no fall fish from the right drainage.

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Blue cat will keep getting broke regularly.  I broke the gar length record about 10 years ago and didn’t realize it at the time.  I had it by 2”... I think bullhead catfish would be achievable in a pond That isn’t overpopulated 
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I dont think that smallmouth will record will ever be touched
I caught 74.

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Originally Posted by dcasto128
I dont think that smallmouth will record will ever be touched

Both the length and weight records for smallmouth seem pretty secure.

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